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Mary Paulsen’s life changed in April of 1998. In a matter of hours she became an artist. She was never trained as an artist, never aspired to be an artist, nor cared much for art.  But that spring morning after receiving a vision from God, Mary began creating works of art using the complicated technique of reverse painting on glass.

Doing the Vision describes Mary’s journey from her early childhood years to her rise as a successful visionary folk artist.  Along the way, she created Mary’s Gone Wild – a magical garden built not for profit but to attract donations to feed hungry children.  Created by Mary’s own hands, the buildings are made from recycled wood and bottles and represent themes of love and longing and joy and faith.

Mary’s paintings hang in all 50 U.S. states and in numerous countries around the world. For those who have not stopped by Mary’s Gone Wild in Holden Beach, NC, Doing the Vision provides an opportunity to see what others have seen and marveled about.  Mary’s work comes alive through the many photographs of both her colorful art and compelling village.

About the Author

Gale Terry is a former psychotherapist and mediator born and raised in the South with a love for art and photography.  She currently lives in New York,  NY.

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